ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 at a glance

ISO 9001 is a certification provided by the company for ensuring the quality of the product. ISO stands for International Organization for standardization and is also known as a quality control system. Yes, quality management system QMS because it manages and ensures the quality of the product or the service

What is ISO 9001:2015?

Established in 1947, now it is one of the most recognized quality management systems QMS in the world. It is an international standard dedicated to QMS used by 188 countries. It aims to provide the best products and services according to the customer needs. There are different types of quality management systems used by different organizations according to the processes the firms use to organize their quality processes.

Why should an organization get an ISO 9001:2015 certificate:

ISO is a QMS that regularly reviews all the standards of the product or services to ensure they are up-to-date and of the best quality. It is objective proof to provide customer satisfaction by reviewing the quality of the products.

ISO 9001 pays assistance in the following;

Purpose of ISO 9001:

Why our company offers such certifiation of ISO 9001. Before finalizing the product for customer use, it is undergone through several processes to make it user beneficial and friendly for use. Here ISO is a QMS that oversees the product making process and activities for its legal standards.

The purpose of this certification is to help the clients meet their customers needs more effectively and provide them with quality.So our company will offer such service which will fulfill the requirements.

Importance of ISO 9001:

If we talk about customer demand and the company’s product, we came to an opinion that customer demands on any product or service help the company to grow each day and the company need to meet the expectation of its customers for its reputation

What is the mission of ISO 9001?

The quality objective is all that the company wants to achieve. ISO 9001 aims to establish a quality management system to build confidence between the customer and the client and build quality in products and services throughout the supply chain. ISO has set up some standards for fulfilling the QMS that can be implemented in any organization. It is all set to provide guidance and support to ensure credibility.


Companies having ISO 9001 certificates can avail the following advantages;

Increased revenue:

With ISO 9001 certificates, you can win more tenders that seemingly allow increasing your revenue

International recognition:

ISO 9001 is recognized around the globe and will enable you to win international contracts too.

Build a better relationship:

This certificate aids in building a better relationship between the seller and the buyer.

Improved record keeping:

ISO 9001 enables you to handles customers feedback and complaints and improve the quality of your product. It also helps to build customer satisfaction by identifying customers’ needs.