Confidentiality Policy

At Wise Certifications and Training Private Limited, we recognize the sensitivity of the information shared with us by our clients during the certification and training processes. We are dedicated to maintaining the utmost confidentiality and security of this information.

Our Confidentiality Policy encompasses the following principles:

  1. Data Protection: We collect, store, and process personal and organizational information only for the purpose of providing certification and training services. We adhere to all relevant data protection laws and regulations.
  2. Confidentiality Agreements: Our staff, auditors, trainers, and any other relevant parties are bound by confidentiality agreements to ensure the protection of sensitive information they come into contact with during their duties.
  3. Access Control: We implement robust access controls and security measures to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information. Information is shared only on a need-to-know basis and with appropriate permissions.
  4. Secure Storage: We maintain secure physical and electronic storage systems for all confidential information. This includes protection against theft, unauthorized access, and damage.
  5. Third-Party Access: Any sharing of information with external parties, such as accreditation bodies, is done in accordance with legal requirements and agreements, ensuring that confidentiality is maintained.
  6. Retention and Disposal: We retain information for the necessary duration as defined by applicable laws and regulations. After the retention period, information is securely disposed of to prevent any unauthorized access.