ISO 45001: 2018

ISO 45001 – Reliable Certification

ISO 45001 is a government-independent international standard for workplace health and safety.

It replaced the current standard (BS OHSAS 18001), which will be phased down in March 2018. Companies have three years to transition from the old to the new standard.

ISO 45001 and other related management standards aren’t needed by legislation, but they can give a systematic framework for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

You’ll probably be able to demonstrate good risk management without a formal management system if your company is small or low-risk. Quality Systems provides secure certifications for ISO 45001.

Significance of ISO 45001:2018

The ISO 45001 certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) may be used to demonstrate your company’s commitment to providing a workplace where the risk of disease or harm to your employees, community, or customers is removed or minimized.

One key benefit of implementing ISO 45001 in your company is that it leads to fewer workplace injuries and illnesses by taking a proactive approach to hazard identification and risk assessment, resulting in improved organizational health and safety. With an ISO 45001 certification, companies demonstrate that they have taken every necessary step to protect their employees by eliminating ineffective practices, allowing employees to deliver more in a stipulated amount of time.

Implementing ISO 45001:2018

The ISO 45001:2018 standard improves danger detection and risk assessment. You may obtain the worldwide recognized Reliable Certification’s certification mark, which reduces downtime, total costs of workplace mishaps, and the number of insurance premiums claimed. It improves leadership involvement as well as worker participation. Without obtaining certification, your organization can apply the standard to your operations (in whole or in part) to assist give proof of strong health and safety management and improvements. However, you can only claim to be compliant with the standard if it is completely implemented.

Advantages of Acquiring ISO 45001: 2018 Certification For Your Management System

Here are some advantages of acquiring ISO 45001:2018 for your management system:

● Builds Trust

It contributes to the development of trust and brand integrity by assuring that your management system meets the standards of the international standard.

● Assures High Standard

The accreditation also shows that your management system meets international standards.

● Demonstrates Capabilities

IT Validates your organization’s capabilities and gives you peace of mind when it comes to establishing profitable collaborations.

● Assists Your Firm

One of the major business benefits of ISO 45001 certification is that it provides your company with a systematically organized guide that will improve your company’s performance. The purpose of conducting ISO audits is to identify non-compliances and work to correct them, with the ultimate goal of improving your company’s performance and productivity.

What does ISO 45001:2018 help with?

If you and your company need to show that you care about the safety of your employees and other stakeholders, ISO 45001 is the way to go. If you currently have a quality or environmental management system in place that is aligned with the Annex SL framework, ISO 45001 may be seamlessly integrated.